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BSA Bantam
A Norwegian restoration project

Thank's to all visitors for visiting my page !!

This page is dedicated to the memory of my late Mother and Father in law, whom were the former owners of this Bantam..

They both died in 2005, when I was almost ready with this restoration.. R.I.P.

Last update on page: 18th of January 2019

This winter I'm actually doing a litte brush-up on the bike for next summers riding

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From sleeping in a shed - to coming back alive...

I was very lucky to take over a 1954 BSA Bantam in April 2003. It had been left hidden in a shed since around 1965, untouched. All rubber-parts were almost gone and the chrome parts seemed rather rusty, but the bike was almost untouched. It also seemed more or less 100% complete! Little I knew that this process was going to last for two years, cost me a lot of money (almost 30.000 NOK - 3600 ), and give me some major challenges.

The actual bike back in the 50's

Here is the bike back in 1959. On the bike you can see my Mother and Father in law. It's really nice to rebuild and do a restoration, but knowing the full history of the bike and also take part in the family history adds another dimension! During the restoration both my Father and my Mother in law passed away, this made it even more special to "revoke" this old bike.

April 2003

The bike right after recovering April 2003. A bit rusty with all rubber parts almost gone, but the rest of the bike seemed quite ok. The chrome at the rims was completely destroyed, but other chrome parts seems recoverable (i thought). It really took "some" hours to make them look decent. Lots of work to be done!! But luckily nobody had tried to mess with the bike during the 35-40 years in the shed !! "Everything" still there, and I thought; "...piece of cake..." HOW WRONG can a man be !!!

Project Study

Dismanteling in progress (spring 2003)

BSA Bantham - Everybodys Motorcycle

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